Joseph S. Campisi, environmental consulting
Joseph S. Campisi, environmental consulting

Joseph S. Campisi


Mr. Campisi has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field; having managed consulting operations for global environmental consultants, as well as worked for the industry as an environmental manager.  Mr. Campisi has a broad background in the environmental field and is a technical expert in contaminant hydrogeology, capable of interpreting complex subsurface conditions, evaluating and choosing remedial technologies and ultimately executing the remedy/corrective measures. In addition, Mr. Campisi has participated in large environmental review projects that involved upfront environmental impact assessments and follow-on capital project permitting.  During a good part of the last decade Mr. Campisi has helped build EHS practices for national consulting firms.

Mr. Campisi acquired CEA in 2016 with the thought of building a high-quality consultancy that would assist clients to solve the regulatory and technical challenges that are typically faced in three areas: cleaning up environmental legacies, developing new energy infrastructure, and protecting workers in the industry. CEA has always had a strong reputation in New England and now we are looking to expand in each of these practice areas to become a nationally recognized force.


  • B.S in Earth Science (Geology), Pennsylvania State University
  • Masters in Geological Science,  Binghamton University
  • MBA, Loyola University Chicago.