UST Removal/Closure Services

CEA has extensive experience and capabilities in performing removal of underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and related subsurface structures. CEA has conducted tank removal projects and/or conducted oversight of tank removal projects for many public and private sector clients throughout New England. CEA also implements emergency response actions when the need for such actions are triggered during tank removal projects. Such circumstances often require CEA to provide notification to state regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients. Examples of CEA’s capabilities include:

  • Inspection, Cleaning and Removal of underground storage tanks
  • Oversight of UST Removals/Field Screening Activities
  • Post-Excavation Sampling & Analysis
  • Regulatory Closure & Reporting

CEA Projects

UST Removal and Limited Subsurface Investigation, Conducted on behalf of MassDEP (2011) Former Gasoline Service Station, Taunton, MA

CEA removed one 2,000-gallon and one 6,500-gallon steel UST from the Site along with approximately 3,225 gallons of petroleum-impacted water recovered from the USTs and 71 tons of impacted soil all of which were transported offsite for disposal or recycling at licensed facilities.

UST Removal and Closure Assessment Activities, Conducted on behalf of a Private Commercial Entity (2011) Commercial Property, Worcester, MA

CEA removed one 10,000-gallon No. 2 fuel oil UST and performed UST closure assessment activities at the Site. Prior to removal, approximately 1,135 gallons of fuel oil was recovered from the tank via a vacuum truck and transported offsite for recycling under a Manifest.

AST Removal & AST Closure in Place, Conducted on behalf of a Private Commercial Entity (2009) Commercial Establishment, Worcester, MA

CEA removed one 275-gallon kerosene AST and cleaned out one bunkered 2,000-gallon ink tank, both of which were transported offsite for disposal. CEA also recovered approximately 2,255 gallons of residual heating oil from a 9,000 gallon UST which was closed in-place.

Removal of Hydraulic Lift/Regulatory Closure, Conducted on behalf of a Major Petroleum Retailer (2009) Former Gasoline Service Station, Oxford, MA

CEA conducted removal of one hydraulic lift from the automotive service bay. Upon collection of confirmatory soil samples, the excavation was lined with polyethylene sheeting and backfilled to grade with clean fill. The hydraulic lift was transported offsite for disposal.