Environmental Sustainability Services

Many of our clients now look beyond financial metrics to include environmental and social factors—the triple bottom line. CEA’s sustainability services help clients shrink their environmental footprint by developing solutions that: conserve energy use, create operational efficiency, and reduce consumption of scarce resources.

Our sustainability practice is based on deep experience in engineering, design, and management and our commitment to environmental stewardship. We help our clients get the results they’re looking for while doing more with less, conserving resources, and minimizing waste and emissions.

Core Sustainability services include:

  • Development of Sustainability Roadmaps
  • LEED and green design assistance;
  • Providing Green PCA’s
  • Greenhouse gas inventories and reduction programs;
  • Energy conservation planning and implementation;
  • Solid waste and recycling management planning and implementation;
  • Product stewardship, innovation, and life cycle assessments;
  • Pollution prevention and hazardous waste minimization studies;
  • Corporate social responsibility reports developed under GRI guidelines