Outsourced EHS Staffing Solutions

Our clients find that it will frequently make sense to outsource part or all of their EHS function to meet the increasing burden of EHS regulations. CEA can provide clients with an assigned and dedicated on-site EHS professional for a flexible number of hours per week, as deemed necessary by the client. Hiring an CEA on-site EHS professional allows companies cost-effective access to a seasoned EHS expert and ensures the fulfillment of all necessary compliance obligations efficiently and proactively without adding headcount. To facilitate the development of a productive, on-going relationship between our clients and on-site professionals, we ensure that the same professional works with each client every time.

CEA Consultants on-site professionals specialize in the following areas:

  • Chemical Hygiene and Lab Safety
  • Waste Management
  • Radiation Safety
  • Biosafety
  • Industrial Hygiene –Occupational
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Compliance Management
  • Wastewater Permitting & Compliance
  • Air Quality Permitting & Compliance

We do our best to match the best available staff with the client’s needs and understand that the HS professional must also be a fit with the firm’s existing EHS team and corporate culture. We have experience placing EHS professionals in these roles and will carefully tailor the individual to your needs. We understand that the CEA professional we send to your site becomes an extension of your staff and that their performance directly impacts the firm’s reputation.