Industrial Hygiene Services

CEA’s team of certified industrial hygiene professionals (CIHs) perform a broad array of industrial hygiene services at commercial and industrial facilities. In many instances, our industrial hygienists are required to assess occupational risk within the workplace. These occupational exposure assessments are intended to assess the health effects associated with working with various chemicals, materials, equipment noise, physical hazards, and radiation in the workplace. Because the impact of any occupational exposure is dependent on the duration of the exposure and the dose, the industrial hygienist will obtain samples on the manufacturing floor from a cross section of the exposed population to understand potential health effects.

The level of assessment performed can range from a more qualitative exposure assessment where only a few representative samples are collected to a more quantitative exposure assessment where intensive sampling over multiple shifts is performed. The results from the sampling program are compared to various short to long-term exposure criteria to assess whether the risk to workers exceeds regulatory thresholds. CEA’s CIHs can provide the following industrial hygiene services:

  • Perform noise surveys for hearing conservation programs
  • Evaluation of respiratory protection programs (including FIT testing)
  • Assessment of PPE and monitoring programs
  • Design and implement occupational exposure sampling and analysis program
  • Develop mitigation programs to reduce or eliminate occupational risk for certain jobs or tasks
  • Ascertain occupational exposure risk to workplace population subsets
  • Develop machine guarding program to reduce injuries
  • Prepare the biosafety program to comply with OSHA requirements

CEA’s certified industrial hygiene professionals have decades of experience in a variety of industries and can handle a wide range of challenging occupational issues.