EHS Facility Compliance Audits

CEA’s team of experts perform EHS Compliance Audits to determine whether a facility is in compliance with all applicable State and Federal laws, regulation and policies. Compliance auditing typically involves a review of all chemical usage and hazardous waste generating processes occurring at a facility as well as a review of all environmental discharges and/or emissions occurring at the facility and any associated permits. CEA then reviews all available monitoring data and records for the regulated discharges and emissions to assess compliance with the permits. CEA also performs inspections of chemical and hazardous waste storage areas for compliance with all applicable regulations.

CEA uses audit protocols which have been developed by EPA to assist and encourage facilities to perform audits and to promote consistency among regulated entities when conducting environmental audits. The protocols are also intended to ensure that audits are conducted in a thorough and comprehensive manner. CEA often discovers gaps in a facility’s compliance plans when conducting compliance audits, such as identifying an upgraded or new process or system not incorporated into the current plan. This often occurs with large or small quantity generators for which contingency plans have been developed but may be obsolete due to a change in the volumes or types of wastes generated. CEA may then prepare a report which identifies areas of non-compliance and provides recommendations for correcting deficiencies.