Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Services for New England Insurance Carrier

Location: New England-based

Company: Insurance Company

Goal: Achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations

Services: Ongoing Environment Health and Safety assistance

Project Highlights

  • Completed the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Phase I and II Assessment Activities.
  • Prepared a Soil Management Plan (SMP) for facility upgrade(s) and maintenance activities performed at the facility.
  • Prepared Emergency Response and Spill Plan for the Worcester facility to establish guidelines for: (1) identifying conditions that pose a potential Imminent Hazard; (2) Preventing Spills of oil and/or hazardous material (OHM); (3) Containing and Remediating Spills; and (4) Documenting, characterizing and treating/disposing of impacted media.
  • Prepared a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan to satisfy the current regulatory/permit requirements.
  • During evening hours, oversaw the collection of forty (40) caulking samples from accessible windows, doors and curtain wall systems on five (5) floors of the facility.
  • During daylight hours, oversaw the collection of an additional 37 caulking and glazing samples from the windows.  All samples were submitted to a Massachusetts-certified for analysis of PCBs via USEPA Method 8082 with Soxhlet Extraction and/or Asbestos via USEPA PLM method.
  • Provided facility with recommendations for the management and disposal of PCB and asbestos-contaminated materials associated with a scheduled window replacement project.
  • Prepared a MCP Class A-1 Response Action Outcome (RAO) Statement for a release of an unknown quantity of diesel fuel which occurred at the facility.
  • Prepared a UST Third Party Inspection (TPI) Report Form FP-289 and Completed Amended Form FP-290, Part 3 (Application for Permit to Maintain an Existing Underground Storage Tank Facility under 527 CMR 9.00) for submittal to MassDEP on behalf of Hanover.