Rehabilitation of Lead & Arsenic-Impacted Property for Central Massachusetts Municipality

Location: Central Massachusetts

Company: Municipality

Goal: Rehabilitate lead  and arsenic-impacted property for recreational re-use

Services: Phase I & II site assessments, risk assessments, remedial designs, Brownfields support, contractor bidding support, remedial oversight and development of closure documentation

Imminent Hazard Discover

Cleanup of Abutter

Install Protective Fencing

Water Purification System

Cleanup of 119 Colburn Street

Site Restoration

Project Highlights

  • Completed MCP Phase I and II Assessments.
  • Defined Nature and Extent of Arsenic and Lead impacts in upland soil, wetland soils, sediment and surface water.
  • Drafted Proposals to USEPA Region I Brownfields Division which led to Town being awarded two USEPA Brownfields Cleanup Grants totaling $200,000 each.
  • Drafted Proposal to Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs which led to Town being awarded a $63,551 Brownfields Assessment Grant.
  • Prepared remedial designs, construction documents, and technical specifications for the cleanup project.
  • Assisted Town in Complying with Federal, State and Local Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.
  • Developed Master and Site-Specific Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs).
  • Community Relations Support.