Scott Vandersea, LEP, LSP

Mr. VanderSea has nearly 25 years of experience involving hydrogeologic assessments and remediation.  He has worked on more than 150 projects in New England including extensive experience with sites under the Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations.  He also has widespread knowledge and experience with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and Connecticut Underground Storage Tank Reimbursement Program.

Mr. VanderSea authors reviews and certifies regulatory submittals involving site assessment, remediation technology evaluations, remedy implementation plans, risk assessment and site closure.  He ensures compliance with regulatory and client deadlines, strict adherence to response action performance standards and overall project compliance within established timeframes and budgets.  He has considerable experience interfacing and negotiating with regulators, local officials, property owners and private homeowners.

His project experience includes comprehensive surficial and bedrock aquifer assessment; evaluation, design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation programs involving product recovery and groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction and air sparging, high-vacuum extraction soil excavation with off-site treatment, and bioremediation.  He has also been responsible for emergency response cleanups, installation and maintenance of private water well treatment systems and site closure.


  • B.S., Hydrogeology, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Professional Licensure

  • Licensed Environmental Professional, CT, #353
  • Licensed Site Professional

Professional Affiliations

  • LSP Association