Heather Storlazzi Ward, NHCWS, CPESC

Heather Storlazzi Ward received a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources from the University of Maine in 1994. She has been working within the ecological and wetland science profession since 1995 and joined Boyle Associates in 2006. Heather brings to Boyle over 15 years of experience in natural resource assessments, wetland delineation, wetland functional assessments and state and federal wetland permitting. In addition to natural resource assessments, Heather is experienced in third party environmental inspection (3PI) for Maine DEP, wetland mitigation sequencing and design, environmental restoration, and GPS technology Heather is a member of the New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists and Maine Association of Wetland Scientists (MAWS). Heather worked in New Hampshire for over 8 years as an environmental consultant/wetland scientist, and is experienced in the New Hampshire permit process at the federal, state and local levels. Local permitting in New Hampshire often required the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS), presented to Planning Boards and Conservation Commissions.

As a Project Manager and Senior Wetland Scientist for Boyle Associates, Heather is responsible for the management of wetland permitting and wetland mitigation projects. Heather provides permitting and regulatory advising and prepares local, state and federal permit applications for projects throughout northern New England. She coordinates with local, state and federal regulators and provides documentation of avoidance and minimization efforts made during project design, including the incorporation of Low Impact Design (LID). Heather assists clients in the preparation of both onsite and off-site alternatives analyses (including Clean Water Act Sections 401/404 and 404(b)(1) Analyses). In addition to permit preparation and acquisition, Heather provides clients with a full-line wetland consulting services, including on-site field inspections for preliminary land evaluations, wetland delineations and mapping using GPS, vernal/significant vernal pool identification, functional assessment analysis (using USACE Highway Methodology and the New Hampshire Method), impact assessments, and mitigation design and monitoring. Also, as a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control since 2002, Heather can provide onsite sediment and erosion control inspections and permit compliance monitoring. Recently, Heather provided Third Party Environmental Inspection (3PI) services for the Maine DEP, for one of the largest transmission line upgrades in the State of Maine.

Heather has been a New Hampshire Certified Wetland Scientist (NHCWS) since 2000 and a Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control (CPESC) since 2002. She is a member of the Maine Association of Wetland Scientists and the New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists. Heather is a member of the Vernal Pool Technical Committee for the Maine Association of Wetlands Scientists (MAWS).


  • B.S, Natural Resources,  University of Maine


  • Certified as a Wetland Scientist (NHCWS) since 2000
  • Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control (CPESC) since 2002.